The Cosmic Story

The beginning of the Cosmic Fluffies’ story dates back to the late 2018 A.D.. Although the creators of Cosmic Fluffies always had a strong passion for bringing joy and happiness to kids, the first idea of creating something really enjoyable came up only that year. 

After a long time of trial and errors the development direction was finally found – bringing far out sweetness to every earthling, 24/7/365 (guilty treats that would be enjoyed not by only kids bur by their parents as well). 

The philosophy laid in the foundation of Cosmic Fluffies is that it is not only about sweets, it is about fun, happiness and new photos on your Instagram. 


"Dr. Fluffymaker”

0424 920 002



0435 114 707


"Da Glaziest”

0405 557 036

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